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Frequently Asked Questions For Domestic Violence

If you have been accused of domestic assault or are the victim of domestic abuse in Oklahoma City, you likely have abundant concerns regarding your future. At J. Patrick Quillian, P.C., we listen intently to address your concerns. Our attorneys are committed to securing justice for all.

Do I Need A Lawyer If I’m Innocent Of Domestic Abuse?

Any allegations of harming another person require skilled defense, as your reputation and future are in question. J. Patrick Quillian’s experience as an Oklahoma District Attorney positioned our firm to provide insightful strategy into your defense.

How Can I Be Guilty Of Domestic Violence When I Don’t Live With My Significant Other?

According to Oklahoma Criminal Code, domestic abuse cases regard, among others, a spouse (current or former), a relative (both by blood or marriage), a housemate, and a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What Kind Of Penalties Am I Facing If Convicted Of Domestic Assault?

If this is your first conviction, you could be fined up to $5,000 and spend up to one year behind bars. For a second conviction, your sentence could increase to four years.

Is Domestic Violence A Felony Charge?

That depends on your history. If you are found guilty of domestic violence three times over the course of one year, you will likely have a felony record. At that point, you will be facing up to 10 years of incarceration.

What Is An Emergency Protective Order?

The state of Oklahoma’s Protection from Domestic Abuse Act enables alleged victims of domestic violence to file protective orders against an alleged abuser. An emergency protective order can be issued by a police officer and serves to provide protection from an alleged abuser, typically keeping this individual at a certain distance, until a restraining order can be filed.

Can I Lose My Second Amendment Rights Because Of Domestic Abuse Allegations?

If you have a misdemeanor conviction in Oklahoma, you may not conceal and carry a firearm. It is extremely important to have your case handled correctly on your first offense, before charges result in a felony conviction, removing all your rights to gun ownership.

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