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How Is Petty Theft Defined In Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, petty theft is referred to as petit larceny, which is to be distinguished from grand larceny. A successful prosecution for grand larceny can carry with it a sentence of up to five years in prison, while the sentence for petit larceny is up to six months in county jail. In either case, an arrest record with a theft charge can cause serious havoc to your professional and career goals as well as your reputation for years to come.

Thus, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can defend your rights and work toward a dropping of charges, reduction in charges, not guilty verdict, or favorable agreement with prosecutors. Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney J. Patrick Quillian is a former prosecutor with the skills and experience to defend you in all property crime charges.

Presenting Your Best Defense To Theft Charges

Grand larceny is defined in Oklahoma as the taking of personal property accomplished by fraud or stealth, and with intent to deprive another thereof, where the property is worth $500 or more OR is taken from another person (e.g. pickpocketing), regardless of value. All other larceny is considered petit larceny.

Because a prosecutor can in many cases find facts to support a felony grand larceny charge, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is important for asserting, among others, the following defenses:

  • You did not take the property
  • You did not intend to deprive another person of the property
  • The property was worth less than $500
  • The property was not taken from another person
  • You had permission to take the property
  • You did not take the property through fraud or stealth
  • The police used illegal tactics in seizing you or gathering evidence against you

As your attorney, we will fully investigate your situation to present your best defense and develop strategies for success.

Experienced Defense In Your Oklahoma Petty Theft Prosecution

Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Patrick Quillian is a former Oklahoma district attorney who relies on his years of experience in prosecuting cases to provide the best possible defense for all defendants being investigated or charged with petty theft or grand larceny. Contact the office of J. Patrick Quillian, P.C., today at 405-896-9768 to schedule a free consultation to see what his criminal defense team can do for you.