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Understanding Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance

Marijuana’s illegal status under federal law merits extreme attention to detail in Oklahoma. Throughout the state, medical marijuana is grown, processed and dispensed under great scrutiny.

If you are interested in the growth, processing or dispensing of cannabis, you need an attorney who is fully experienced in both sides of the law.

We can help you with your business’ legal concerns, including:

  • Real estate — property ownership, land use and zoning
  • Cannabis business — licensing, regulation, contracts and employment law

Our attorneys work under the regulations set forth by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. We remain up-to-date on the complex legal issues surrounding cannabis.

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From our office in Oklahoma City, our lawyers defend cases regarding cannabis compliance, licensing and registration.

Contact the firm online or call 405-896-9768 if you have questions about establishing a marijuana dispensary or have been accused of a drug crime.