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College admissions scandal parent sentenced

Oklahoma residents who have been following the recent college admissions scandal are likely aware that sentences have been handed down to some of the parents involved. On Oct. 4, a judge in California sent a 53-year-old man to prison for five months and fined him $100,000. The man will also serve 500 hours of community service when he is released from federal custody.

Scheme to raise SAT score had Felicity Huffman pay charity

Several people who are well known throughout Oklahoma, including actress Felicity Huffman, have been charged in the highly-publicized college cheating scandal. Huffman received her sentence after entering a guilty plea in May to federal charges of mail fraud and honest services fraud. She admitted paying a man, who advertised himself as a consultant who could help parents get their children accepted to colleges, to improve her daughter's SAT score. The arrangement required that she send the man's charity a donation of $15,000.

The criteria for committing mail fraud

If a person sells a counterfeit good or obtains property or money under false pretenses, those acts are referred to as fraud. If a person uses the mail system to commit those acts, he or she will likely be charged with mail fraud. It doesn't matter whether a message was sent through the United States Postal Service or through another carrier. Sending evidence of fraud to another party by mail could also be considered mail fraud.

Oklahoma pharmacist pleads guilty to health care fraud

An Oklahoma pharmacist faces up to 20 years in a federal prison and a $500,000 fine after pleading guilty to two counts of felony health care fraud. The 37-year-old man was indicted by a federal grand jury in March for filing false Medicare and Medicaid claims, and Oklahoma prosecutors announced in April that he had been charged with 40 counts of insurance fraud. The man's guilty pleas were entered as part of a negotiated agreement with prosecutors.

Female employee of Oklahoma tribe charged with embezzlement

A recently released 19-page federal indictment has detailed accusations against a 44-year-old woman from Burnsville. She worked for a Native American tribe as the controller and eventually chief financial officer for some of the tribe's business entities that sought federal contracts. Investigators claim that she redirected tribal funds under the guise of loans or advances that were never repaid. She also gave herself performance bonuses. One totaled $22,500.

Guilty pleas in college admissions scam

Oklahoma residents have probably heard about the college admissions scandal involving affluent families and might want to know more details. Several families have been charged in relation to allegations that they used practices like bribery and fraud to get their children into top U.S. colleges. Stars like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among the parents involved, and Felicity Huffman is one of 14 defendants pleading guilty to honest services mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Judge gives Paul Manafort lenient sentence for tax and bank fraud

Oklahoma is physically distant from the courtroom where Paul Manafort received his sentence, but the judge described Manafort's criminal activities as theft from all taxpayers. The judge chose to apply a relatively light sentence to President Trump's former campaign chairman for convictions on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud and one count of not declaring a foreign bank account. His 47-month sentence fell short of the sentencing guidelines that called for a prison term between 19 and 24 years.

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