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October 2019 Archives

Stolen car alert leads to drug seizure

A 26-year-old Oklahoma woman faces a raft of felony charges linked to an allegedly stolen car and substances believed to be heroin and methamphetamine seized during the early morning hours of Oct. 9. The woman was taken into custody by Garfield County Sheriff's Office deputies after they said drug paraphernalia was discovered in her residence and illegal narcotics were allegedly found in the car she was driving. She has been charged with drug possession, possession of controlled dangerous substances, possession of a stolen vehicle and drug possession with the intent to distribute.

College admissions scandal parent sentenced

Oklahoma residents who have been following the recent college admissions scandal are likely aware that sentences have been handed down to some of the parents involved. On Oct. 4, a judge in California sent a 53-year-old man to prison for five months and fined him $100,000. The man will also serve 500 hours of community service when he is released from federal custody.

What happens at an arraignment?

Following your arrest for charges of white-collar crimes, drug crimes or other offenses, you may have many questions about what happens next. Certainly, your ultimate concern is what your future will look like, but that may depend heavily on what happens in the upcoming days and weeks. After the prosecutor reads the reports of your case from police and investigators, he or she will decide how to charge you. You will then move to the next step: arraignment.

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