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February 2016 Archives

Not to Scare You, but Here Are All the Ways You Can Be Punished for Federal Sex Crimes

The American justice system doesn't take allegations of sex crimes lightly, especially at the federal level. If you're convicted of a federal sex offense, you face more than just jail time or fines. Below, we catalogue some of the myriad ways these allegations, whether accurate or not, can affect your future.

Federal Sex Crime Sentencing

The term "sex offender" refers to anyone who commits a crime that involves the sexual victimization of an adult or minor. Examples of federal sex crimes are possession or distribution of child pornography, failure to register as a sex offender if convicted of a sex crime, contact offenses, and promotion of illegal sex acts of any kind.

6 Sobering Statistics About DEA Investigations

The DEA, or Drug Enforcement Agency, is responsible for the enforcement of federal drug laws, and it works relentlessly to keep drugs off the street. Although the agency operates a federal task force, it can also collaborate in state investigations. Here are 6 statistics about DEA investigations that may alarm you, if you or someone you love faces drug related criminal charges.

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