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How to Protect Your Constitutional Rights in an Encounter With Police

Most people know that they have constitutional rights which protect them from the actions of police officers, detectives, and other government actors. And they may even know what those rights are while at the same time being unsure of how to assert them in an encounter with police. Law enforcement is primarily concerned with collecting evidence and investigating crimes, not in helping you assert and defend your constitutional rights, so their motivation will most likely be to get you to waive your rights, which can mean terrible consequences for you. Thus, it is important for you to take the steps necessary to defend your constitutional rights and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible at the first sign of a police investigation.

Do Not Consent to Searches of Houses, Cars, Bags, Etc.

Under the Fourth Amendment, the police may not conduct a search of any location in which you have a reasonable expectation of privacy without a search warrant, unless an exception applies. One of these exceptions is where a person provides consent to the search, and thus police officers will usually attempt to get you to provide consent. Doing so means you waive your Fourth Amendment rights, and thus you should not provide consent to a search except pursuant to the guidance of your own defense attorney.

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