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For many Oklahomans convicted of a misdemeanor or nonviolent felony, the most difficult burden of conviction is the criminal record that haunts them long after their sentence has been served and their debt has been paid. Oklahoma City expungement lawyer Patrick Quillian can help you seal your criminal record and get a move forward following your conviction.

Many people needlessly suffer the stigma and complications of a criminal record associated with a misdemeanor or a youthful offense. A criminal record that appears through a background check may hamper employment opportunities or limit a parent’s ability to be involved at school events. Some Oklahomans are even burdened by an arrest record for a crime for which they were never charged or were acquitted. Remove the embarrassment and clear your record by hiring Patrick Quillian to handle your Oklahoma record expungement.

What Is An Oklahoma Expungement?

An expungement of your criminal record or your arrest record is essentially the removal of your name from court records. Expungement may be available for juvenile offenses, nonviolent felonies, misdemeanors and suspended sentences. An expungement lawyer in Oklahoma City can help you determine if you are eligible for the expungement of your record and can provide legal representation as you petition to have your record cleared.

Some individuals eligible for expungement include those who:

  • Were arrested but never charged with any crime
  • Successfully completed the terms of a suspended sentence or deferred sentence
  • Were acquitted of all charges
  • Were convicted of a juvenile offense
  • Received a pardon or had their conviction overturned on appeal
  • Were convicted of misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies and meet certain criteria

If you are burdened by a criminal record or arrest record, consult Oklahoma City expungement attorney Patrick Quillian to see if you qualify for record expungement under Oklahoma law. If you are eligible to petition the court to have your record sealed, he can determine the type of expungement for which you are eligible:

  • Title 22 O.S. §991c — Expungement following a deferred sentence; this type of expungement seals a defendant’s name from the court record but does not remove the arrest record from his or her criminal history with the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation)
  • Title 22 O.S. §18 — This type of expungement not only removes the file from court records but also from the OSBI history. To obtain a Section 18 expungement, certain criteria must be met. If you have been acquitted of a crime or if you have been proven factually innocent, this is likely the type of expungement you will wish to pursue.

Not all people convicted of criminal offenses in Oklahoma are eligible for record expungement. Violent felonies and sex offenses that require compliance with the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act may not be expunged. However, if you think that you may qualify for expungement of the record of your misdemeanor, nonviolent felony, or suspended sentence, speak with Oklahoma City expungement lawyer Patrick Quillian for an evaluation of your case.