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How to challenge bank fraud charges in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

Bank fraud charges are serious offenses with severe legal consequences in Oklahoma. If you face this charge, it can be confusing and stressful. Bank fraud charges include any criminal offense that involves deceptive practices or fraudulent schemes to acquire money, assets or property from financial institutions. Bank fraud also includes intentional acts, such as making false statements, engaging in check fraud, forging documents or using fraudulent means to obtain loans or credit. 

You will face severe penalties if you are convicted of bank fraud charges. Because of this, knowing how to challenge these charges is essential.

Investigating the charges

You must have someone investigate the charges against you to see if they are justified. Inconsistencies and lack of evidence can help support your case and be used in your defense. 

Challenging the prosecution’s case

The prosecution must prove you intended to defraud to be convicted of bank fraud. Defenses such as a misinterpretation of financial transactions or misunderstanding of banking procedures can be used to show a lack of intent. 

Another way to challenge these charges is by using contradictions, gaps or information from unreliable witnesses against the prosecution’s case. This can help strengthen your position and build a strong defense on your behalf. 

You may also be able to use an alternative explanation to account for the alleged bank fraud situation. This could involve demonstrating legitimate business practices or the absence of any criminal intent.

Like other criminal cases, there is also the possibility that evidence against you was gathered through unlawful search and seizure. This could serve as a viable defense if your Fourth Amendment protections were violated. 

Protecting your rights

Challenging bank fraud charges requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. Knowing your rights and exploring potential ways to challenge these charges with the help of experienced legal guidance is the best way to protect yourself and your freedom. 


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