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Can you make white-collar charges worse?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

Facing charges over an alleged white-collar crime will probably seem like the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Yet, if you are not careful, things could become even worse.

Some people end up charged with additional crimes because of how they react to the initial accusations.

Let’s say the investigating authorities walk into your office. The following things might all worsen your situation:

Saying too much

Perhaps you know you made an innocent mistake and understand how they could have misinterpreted it. Running up to them and trying to explain everything will succeed in one thing only, namely, providing the officers with a lot of information that they might not otherwise have got. Maybe they were just here on a hunch, and now you have made their task easier.

If you want to talk about things or answer the investigator’s questions, you should get legal help first to avoid incriminating yourself.

Trying to destroy evidence

You realize the file upstairs has a lot of information that could make you look bad. So you try to sneak it out, take it home, and burn it. If caught, that could lead to additional charges.

Resisting arrest

If the police come to arrest you, you must let them. Do not try to fight them or run away. It will only make your situation worse, especially if you accidentally catch one of them with an elbow or something in the process. You have enough to worry about without prosecutors charging you with assaulting a police officer on top.

Facing arrest for a white-collar crime will be disturbing, but you need to stay calm and seek some legal guidance. That is your best option for beating the charges.



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