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4 possible white-collar crime defenses

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes typically come with severe penalties. Even though no physical harm is done to anyone, courts take the financial and emotional damage done to the victims seriously.

Claiming the authorities have the wrong person won’t always get you off, even when it is true. Sometimes you need to look at other more technical defense tactics. Here are some to consider if you face charges:

1. The prosecution cannot prove you had intent

Maybe the prosecutors can prove that you were involved. Yet, if they cannot show that you set out to deceive, then a court cannot convict you of crimes such as fraud.

2. They cannot show you did it of your own free will

Many people have power over others in life. In some cases, they have enough leverage to force someone to do something illegal against their will. If you accept that you committed the crime but only did it under duress, then the charge should not stick. You need to have done so freely.

3. You were incapable of making the correct decision

Your defense team may be able to argue that you did not have sufficient mental capacity to understand that what you were doing was wrong. Clearly, that will be tougher if you are fully mentally competent when you appear in court than if you are still affected by a mental health issue.

4. The police were guilty of entrapment

The police are allowed to try and catch people in the act, but only to a degree. There is a fine line that they cannot cross — and that includes not coercing someone into committing a crime.

If you face white-collar crime charges, finding out more about possible defense options will be crucial.


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