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3 signs of prescription fraud

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2023 | Drug Crimes

The opioid crisis has meant a massive demand for these drugs from people who are not legally entitled to have them. That has resulted in a significant trafficking network where criminals who know full well what they are doing entangle others who might not.

If you work as a pharmacist, you need to be aware that these gangs could target you with fraudulent prescriptions. If the police confiscate opioids from someone, they may trace them back to your dispensary and assume that you, too, knew what you were doing. Hence you could face charges and need to fight to prove your innocence.

Here are some signs to look out for:

1. Stolen prescription pads

Hopefully, a medical practice will alert you if they discover one of their prescription pads has gone missing. Yet it might take them time to realize it is missing. If people suddenly come in with a lot of prescriptions for opioids from the same doctor, you could do worse than call the practice to check if the orders are legitimate.

2. Altered prescriptions

Look carefully to see if someone has rubbed out or overwritten anything on the paper they bring. They might do so to try and get more of the particular drug they want.

3. Incorrect call-back numbers

If the number to ring is different from what you recall, a quick Google search could help you determine if it is the genuine number for the practice or if someone has replaced it with a phone number belonging to an accomplice.

If someone slipped illicit prescriptions past you and you face drug charges, you will need legal help to build your defense.


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