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What is telemarketing fraud and how is it committed?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Facing charges of any white-collar crime in Oklahoma can carry serious consequences for your future. Telemarketing fraud is a serious offense, and it is important to know what the elements of the charge are.

What is telemarketing fraud?

Telemarketing fraud is a white-collar crime that is committed over the phone. A person who commits the crime calls a person in an attempt to get their money. There are many common schemes and scams associated with telemarketing fraud, but the main focus of the perpetrator is to get the victim’s personal or financial information for monetary gain.

How is telemarketing fraud perpetrated?

There are rules and regulations in place that target telemarking fraud. As a federal offense, a charge of telemarketing fraud is taken very seriously. It costs innocent victims billions of dollars each year. Most victims are elderly individuals who are not savvy enough to recognize that they are being scammed.

Certain scams are common with telemarketing fraud. It’s easier to recognize telemarketing fraud when the person on the phone makes a promise of money or gifts, makes unsolicited offers or claims the individual has won a prize or sweepstakes. Often, a telemarketing fraud scam involves a type of coercion to make a quick decision and offer personal or financial information. Calls involving telemarketing fraud are also always unsolicited.

It’s very common for people to ignore a telemarketer when they get a phone call from one. Some will say, “No, thank you” before hanging up. People often put their phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, which might effectively put an end to telemarketing calls. However, if someone is committing telemarketing fraud, they often ignore the fact that a phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry.

A person facing telemarketing fraud charges is prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission. However, once the FTC decides whether fraud has occurred, the case can move forward or be appealed. Telemarketing fraud is a serious crime that requires a strong defense. If you face these charges, protect your rights.


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