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The DOJ intends to step up corporate prosecutions

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes take many forms, and victims could suffer in numerous ways. Often, crimes involving fraud, embezzlement, and theft deprive people of their savings and put them in a terrible financial position. Prosecutions might increase in Oklahoma federal courts since the Department of Justice intends to increase efforts to address such crimes.

A move to prosecute white-collar crime suspects

Official statements at the 2021 American Bar Association’s White Collar Crime Conference revealed that the Justice Department intends to step up investigations and prosecutions of white-collar crimes. Specifically, the department intends to deal with corporate wrongdoing.

Corporate wrongdoing could take many forms, including providing false reports about earnings and losses, bribery, ignoring environmental laws, and more. A corporation that engages in illegal or unethical behavior could be guilty of multiple crimes. Not everyone involved with the corporation might know of the wrongdoing, and even innocent officers, managers, and employees could face investigations.

Accusations and corporate crimes

Some may cheer the Justice Department’s decision to become more aggressive with investigating and prosecuting white-collar crimes. However, overly aggressive law enforcement actions could lead to false charges or ones based on flimsy evidence. Attempts to garner news headlines might lead to dubious arrests.

A junior officer in a company could become a scapegoat for upper management’s malfeasance. Hopefully, law enforcement will uncover the truth. If not, the accused could address the matter in criminal court successfully. Perhaps someone falsely accused might explore civil lawsuit options in the aftermath.

One drawback to aggressive law enforcement actions might be a desire to prosecute at the expense of the truth. Civil rights violations may occur in such scenarios. Hopefully, spurious charges and malicious prosecutions will fail in court.


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