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The next steps for a federal indictment

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

Crimes charged at the federal level are punished more severely than state crimes. Federal courts impose minimum federal sentences that may be several decades longer than state sentences. A resident from Oklahoma who is federally indicted should know what to expect in the general process.

The process of a federal indictment

A federal indictment is filed by a prosecutor to a federal court. This process is necessary to review the evidence and decide if a criminal case should be allowed to proceed. The defendant must be aware of the filing before the government can hold a hearing with a grand jury within 30 days. The trial must begin within 70 days.

Before the trial begins, the government must present its court materials to the defendant through a discovery process. If the defendant does not agree with the information, the defense attorney may file motions with the court and request a court inquiry or hearing.

The rights of the defendant

In a federal case, the defendant has the rights to challenge any move that the prosecution makes. White-collar offenses are nonviolent but serious crimes that include heavy fines, prison or probation sentences, forfeitures, or other penalties. Defendants may want to hire lawyers who have worked on the federal level to help them understand the criminal trial process.

When a white-collar crime becomes a federal crime

White-collar crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, from identity theft to money laundering, to protect the security and integrity of the entire nation. The federal government sets its own laws and penalties that are different from the state level. To prepare a federal case properly, it’s important to know the basic steps taken in a federal indictment.


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