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Penalties for credit card fraud in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

Credit card fraud is one of the most common scams that Oklahoma residents may encounter. Credit or debit card fraud happens when someone fraudulently uses a card that doesn’t belong to them.

What are examples of credit or debit card fraud?

The fraud is often used to purchase goods, services or money. For example, a person who finds a credit or debit card on the street might use it to pull money out at the ATM or purchase goods online.

While credit and debit card companies have ways of protecting consumers from fraud, it’s still possible for such a scheme to occur. The most common causes of credit card fraud are losing or misplacing a credit card as well as having a wallet stolen.

What’s the punishment for credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Oklahoma. The exact penalties and punishments vary depending on how much is obtained through the fraud.

If less than $500 in money or goods is fraudulently obtained, the person could be fined $500 and jailed for up to 30 days. If the amount is over $500, the fine will be between $500 and $1,000 with the prison sentence going up to one year.

What if the credit card was stolen?

Defendants might face a greater punishment if the credit card was knowingly stolen or obtained without the card holder’s consent via false promises, extortion, larceny, etc. The potential fines will increase up to $3,000, and the prison sentence could be up to three years.

Credit card fraud and debit card fraud are crimes that impact many Oklahoma residents. It’s important for someone accused of committing card fraud to present a defense if they want to avoid the harshest penalties.


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