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How drug offenders become eligible for state programs

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Drug Crimes

There are drug courts that help offenders who have committed substance abuse crimes. They must meet eligibility requirements and fully participate in the program to receive benefits. An offender must first determine how to become eligible in Oklahoma.

Determine eligibility

After an arrest, a drug offender can become eligible to participate in a drug court program. The offender or his or her lawyer may seek eligibility within four days after the arrest or upon the start of a bond release program.

The offender is eligible if the crime did not involve violence inflicted upon another person. However, an exemption is given if the program includes provisions for domestic violence. Eligibility is also granted if the offender has no previous felony conviction for a violent crime that occurred within the last 10 years. Offenders are ineligible if they have committed drug crimes that violated the Trafficking In Illegal Drugs Act, which involves an illegal international trade of drugs.

In addition, the offender is eligible if the charge involves a felony offense, and the person admits to or appears to have a substance addiction. If the offender is allowed to enter the program, the next step is to fill out an eligibility form that contains an overview of the drug court process and investigation.

Why these programs are necessary

After an individual is arrested for a drug crime, it’s the duty of the court to step in and suggest rehabilitation. A drug court program is suggested to help drug offenders after they’ve been arrested and incarcerated with the intent to end their illegal behavior. State programs are ideal in ending the cycle of drug abuse and helping offenders to avoid further incarceration.


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