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Can you accidentally commit credit card fraud?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

It’s not uncommon for a parent in Oklahoma to let their child use their credit card. If you’ve used a relative’s credit card before, you might think it’s safe to assume that you have their permission. However, using someone’s card without their permission is technically a white collar crime.

Could you get in trouble if you use another person’s credit card?

Credit card fraud is one of many white collar crimes that you could commit without realizing it. If you use someone’s card with their express permission, you haven’t committed a crime. However, someone could accuse you of fraud if you use their card without permission.

The cashier might not say anything when you check out with another person’s credit card, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t committed a crime. In fact, most cashiers can’t decline your purchase if you sign your name even without an ID. But if the other person notices the charge on their card and they didn’t give anyone permission to use it, you may have unknowingly committed fraud.

What happens if someone accuses you of fraud?

If someone accuses you of credit card fraud, you might want to hire an attorney. In fact, you might want to talk to an attorney if you suspect that someone might file charges. The earlier you get ahead of the charges, the more time your attorney might have to prepare your case. It’s possible to commit a crime without realizing it, so it’s important to have legal defense on your side.


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