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Narcotics task force searches homes and businesses in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Prosecutors in Oklahoma say that a Pottawatomie County man used a preowned car lot and several rental properties to support an illegal drug business that distributed thousands of opioid pills in the Shawnee area. An investigation into the man’s alleged activities came to a conclusion on the morning of May 20 when a task force of federal agents, police officers and sheriff’s deputies executed search warrants at the man’s home, used car lot and rental properties. During the five-month investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration was assisted by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office and several local police departments.

Six suspects taken into custody

Initial reports do not indicate what investigators may have discovered when the search warrants were executed, but they do reveal that six individuals were taken into custody during the operation. The charges against the six suspects were not immediately disclosed. The man thought to be the ringleader of the opioid distribution ring was not placed in custody because he suffers from an undisclosed medical condition. However, officials say that law enforcement will keep track of his movements. The man was recently released from the hospital and is said to have been bedridden when police arrived.

Local residents say used car lot was suspicious

Investigators say that the used car lot was used as a front to launder money raised by selling drugs. Local residents told reporters that they rarely saw customers walking onto the lot or taking test drives. Investigators claim that the man resold legally prescribed opioids including Lortab and OxyContin pills for about three years.

Mounting a defense against drug charges

Proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in narcotics cases is sometimes difficult for prosecutors as the key evidence is often provided by informants or individuals who have been promised sentence reductions in return for their cooperation. When this testimony is not supported by convincing physical or forensic evidence, experienced criminal defense attorneys may argue that prosecutors are unable to meet their burden and drug charges should be dismissed. If you’re charged with drug possession or distribution, a defense attorney could examine the evidence and advise you about the most prudent course of action.


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