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Woman charged with embezzlement sentenced after plea agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Oklahomans facing allegations for financial crimes may be confronted with significant consequences if they are convicted. Some of the more serious accusations include embezzlement. These charges can happen to people who have access to money and take it for their own use or misappropriate it. One recent case involving a woman who worked in a business account resulted in a prison sentence after a plea agreement.

As per her agreement and the judge’s sentence, the woman will be incarcerated for 18 months. She was charged with embezzling at least $175,000 from her employer. She was fired in 2016 after allegations came to light.

While she was serving as head accountant, she had a check made out to draw funds from a business account so three money orders could be purchased. She used them for her own purposes including paying for her car loan. She is also said to have taken other steps including a raise in her salary, paying overtime to herself when she did not work overtime, a vacation she was not entitled to, claiming work expenses for which she reimbursed herself when they did not happen, and buying items for her personal use with a credit card from the company. Along with the prison sentence, the judge ordered her to reimburse the business for what she embezzled.

Those accused of white-collar crimes should be aware that the penalties can equal or surpass crimes involving violence and armed robbery. In some cases, the charges are unfounded and a person can get an acquittal. This can avoid the negative personal and professional impact inherent in these crimes. In others, a person might be well-advised to accept a plea agreement after making a mistake and move forward once the sentence is served. Regardless, legal assistance can be critical. A law firm experienced with defense for embezzlement and white-collar crimes might be able to help.


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