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A contract is a formal agreement between two or more parties that each will perform specific duties or functions, or will refrain from taking certain actions, in accordance with the stipulated terms. Title 15 of the Oklahoma state law defines a contract even more succinctly: “A contract is an agreement to do or not to do a certain thing.” Despite the brevity of this definition, Oklahoma contract law consists of 23 Chapters and 1024 Sections of the Oklahoma statutes. With specific regulations about who is able to legally enter into contracts, the enforceability of contracts, and actions which nullify a contract, it is important to consult an attorney well-versed in Oklahoma contract law before drafting or agreeing to any contract. However, if you have entered into a contract and one or more of the parties fails to honor the terms of the contract, you may be able to enforce or void the contract through contract litigation. An Oklahoma City contract dispute lawyer can help you file a tort claim through civil litigation of breach of contract, fraud, or misrepresentation.

If you are involved in a contract dispute, attorney Patrick Quillian can help resolve your issue and protect your business, financial, and personal interests.

Breach of Contract Lawyer in Oklahoma City

When you have entered into a contract and one party fails to honor the terms of the contract, you may be able to file a tort claim for breach of contract. In a breach of contract dispute, attorney Patrick Quillian can help the plaintiff achieve the optimal resolution to the contract dispute. Common breach of contract remedies include requiring the breaching party to repair the breach to honor the terms of the contract and rescinding the contract to return both parties whatever position they held before entering the contract.

Oklahoma City contract lawyer Patrick Quillian offers both plaintiff representation and breach of contract defense as applicable. If you are being sued for breach of contract, Mr. Quillian will closely evaluate your contract to determine the best course of action for your defense. Breach of contract defense may include proof that you did, in fact, honor the terms of the contract or demonstrating that the contract was invalid or violated state or federal law.

Contract Dispute Negotiation and Litigation

If you are embroiled in a contract dispute, it is wise to obtain legal counsel as quickly as possible in order to protect your rights and your interests. Attorney Patrick Quillian represents clients involved in a variety of contract disputes and breach of contract litigation:

  • Real estate sale or lease disputes
  • Business contract disputes
  • Partnership agreement disputes
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Nonpayment of financial terms of the contract
  • Failure to render goods or services stipulated in the contract
  • Construction disputes
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

Whether you are attempting to enforce the terms of a contract as a plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit, or whether you have been sued for breach of contract and need skilled legal counsel to defend against the tort claim, Patrick Quillian offers the quality representation that can help you achieve successful resolution of your contract dispute.

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